Late To The Party

When will we, as churches, get fed up with continually chasing after the latest societal fads, trends and fashions. There is merit in a good presentation and reputation, but it ought to stir us to action when the church… the earthly vehicle Christ instituted to reach a lost humanity… is in a popularity contest with the world!

We want to be green, but green isn’t cool anymore… we showed up late to the party, and wasted our time and evangelism opportunities trying to get there.

We want to be politically active, but people don’t care about politicians anymore… too late to the party again?

We want to be ‘relevant’, but people aren’t looking for something that’s just like them… they’re looking for a change!

Consistently, we fail at trying to be what the world seems to be chasing after. Don’t we realize that all they’re doing is running from fad to fad, from trend to trend, just trying to fit in… just trying to find fulfillment… and NEVER finding it?! We have the ONE THING that can change all that, and for some reason, the church wants to be anything but the church. We are not environmentalists. We are not politicians. We are not rock stars. We are witnesses. With power. With a mission. With a Commission.

Dear God, just help us be the salt and light that this world needs, and not just another tardy member wearing an outdated dress to a party everyone is already leaving.

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