Eternal Security

Have you heard about the two men who were out fishing? Well, there they were with their poles in the water engaged in a debate about eternal security. The defender of eternal security got so flustered, he fell right out of the boat and into the lake. “Help me, help me!” he cried, “I can’t swim!” The other fellow reached into the water and pulled him out to the safety of that little rowboat. “Thank you! You saved my li-” before he could get the rest of the words out, the other man pushed him back into the water! “Help me, help me!” he cried once again, “I can’t swim!” “Sorry,” the man replied, “Once Saved Always Saved!”

Of course that is a fictional story, and somewhat offensive to those who may believe the doctrine of eternal security, but it illustrates quite sufficiently the fallacy of this unscriptural teaching.

Let’s first look at scriptures which are used to back this erroneous teaching.

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