Enough is not Enough

Written by Rev. Ron Wofford

At one point Jacob and Esau make the same statement “I have enough.” It sounds similar and one would think they meant exactly the same thing. However, a careful study of the actual words and meaning gives us some insight into the differences between these two men.

When Esau said “I have enough” it sounded good. What he was actually saying was “I have abundance.” The word “enough” in his usage is from the Hebrew word RAB and means abundance or plenteous.

When Jacob said “I have enough” it sounded good also. And here, it really is good. In the usage of Jacob the word “enough” derives from the Hebrew word KOLE which means enough, or more correctly sufficient.

No matter how much of this earth’s goods some people have it is never enough. Men spend their health trying to gain wealth and when they are old they spend their wealth trying to regain their health. And more significantly, no matter how little of God people have in their lives they mistakenly think it is enough. If God were to bless you with 10 million times of His presence and goodness in your life, I promise you it still could not be said that you have enough of God.

You have to understand how much the real blessings of life are wrapped up in the blessing of knowing Him. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” As long as you do that you will always have “enough.”

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