The 37 Miracles Of Jesus Christ

Cleansing a Leper
Healing a Centurion’s Servant of paralysis
Healing Peter’s Mother-in-Law
Healing the Sick at Evening
Stilling the Storm
Demons Entering a Herd of Swine
Healing a Paralytic
Raising the Ruler’s Daughter
Healing the Hemorrhaging Woman
Healing Two Blind Men
Curing a Demon-Possessed, Mute Man
Healing a Man’s Withered Hand
Curing a Demon-Possessed, Blind and Mute Man
Feeding the Five Thousand
Walking on the Sea
Healing the Gentile Woman’s Daughter
Feeding the Four Thousand
Healing the Epileptic Boy
Temple Tax in the Fish’s Mouth
Healing Two Blind Men
Withering the Fig Tree
Casting Out an Unclean Spirit
Healing a Deaf-Mute
Healing a Blind Man at Bethsaida
Escape from the Hostile Multitude
Catch of Fish
Raising of a Widow’s Son at Nain
Healing the Infirm, Bent Woman
Healing the Man with Dropsy
Cleansing the Ten Lepers
Restoring a Servant’s Ear
Turning Water into Wine
Healing the Nobleman’s Son (of fever)
Healing an Infirm Man at Bethesda
Healing the Man Born Blind
Raising of Lazarus
Second Catch of Fish

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