Christianity is Not an Area

Here’s what’s happening…
There’s an endangered desert tortoise that the government’s Bureau of Land Management is trying to save on a man’s personally owned property. So, they come in and round up all his cattle to take them away. Now, that’s not the part I’m focusing on…

When the owner and others protested (1st Amendment), the government set up a small fenced in area and put a “Free Speech Area” sign on it, telling them they could only express their free speech in that area. Someone duly noted, “1st Amendment is not an area!”

Here’s a spiritual application… Satan is happy allowing Christians to be Christians as long as they only express such in limited areas, such as inside the church. If he can keep them confined to a place that doesn’t make a difference, they can be all the Christian they want to be.

But… Being a Christian is not an area.

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