Keys to Attracting a Younger Generation

Here are some ways you can make a positive impact in the critically important area of reaching a younger generation:

  1. Seek to create an authentic environment within the church community. One of the biggest church detractors for those 18-30 is when they sense they can’t be real about their struggles and brokenness.
  2. Refer to the younger generation as the church of today,  not the church of tomorrow. This communicates you value them for the gifts, talents and abilities they have to offer  now— not just in the future.
  3. Allow them to help lead in the worship experience. Being part of the worship team, serving communion, ushering, greeting, reading scripture, praying, are all potential ways to use their giftedness.
  4. Integrate younger people into your leadership team. Coach them. Develop them. Invite them to help you also develop more fully in different areas.
  5. Don’t simply outsource connecting with a younger generation exclusively to the student, college/career, or singles pastor. Go out of your way to converse with them. Listen to them. Spend time with them.

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