How Prayer Foiled the Times Square Terrorist Bombing

On Saturday, May 1, 2010, the New York Metro Prayer Conference convened at 9:00 am in Queens, New York at the United Apostolic Church. Professor Margaret Banks, New York Metro District’s Prayer Coordinator. successfully led the 400-500 attendees from 29 churches into an extended time of deep intercessory prayer. Heavy prayer prevailed throughout most of the conference. It was indeed a prayer conference! Of the five and a half hours, over four hours was devoted to deep intercession.

Being sensitive to the Spirit, both District Superintendent Arthur Thomas and Sister Banks revamped the schedule and let the Holy Spirit reign sovereignly until about 2:30 pm as wave after wave of intercession swept over the men and women who began to delve into deeper levels of prayer, supplications and tongues.

At about 12:30 pm, the Lord gave us a “Word” that said “The enemy cannot do to New York City what he would really like to do because these hundreds of intercessors have cast a prayer-net across the city.” Little did we know when we received that word that a Nissan Pathfinder carrying a terrorist bomb would soon be on its way to Times Square. Later in the evening, we were near Times Square and could not gain access to that area due to the fact that hundreds of law enforcement officers had cordoned off the area due to terrorism.

It was only then that we understood the full meaning of the word that the Lord had delivered to us. Intercessory prayer does indeed break the powers of darkness and thwart the plans of the enemy. The language of the Spirit cannot be decoded by the enemy because, “Howbeit, in the Spirit he speaketh mysteries (secrets)”. The devil could not decode our prayers that day as we prayed in the Spirit over the city of New York.

Thomas Suey
International Coordinator
World Network Of Prayer

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