Mantle Flow Can Move Mountains

The mantle holds special significance in scripture. Perhaps the following article of the “mantle” in nature would lend to some creative understanding of the power of the spiritual mantle?


Mantle that sinks at the plate boundary flows back up farther away, pushing on the crust and causing uplift and crustal motions detectable by a global positioning system, the authors found. The slow but inexorable motions can move mountains—both gradually and through earthquakes or eruptions.

A study in the journal Nature suggests that volcanoes and mountains in the Mediterranean can grow from the pressure of the semi-liquid mantle pushing on Earth’s crust from below. “The rise and subsidence of different points of the earth is not restricted to the exact locations of the plate boundary. You can get tectonic activity away from a plate boundary,” says study coauthor Thorsten Becker, associate professor of earth sciences at the University of Southern California (USC).

The study connects mantle flow to uplift and volcanism in mobile belts—crustal fragments floating between continental plates.

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