5 Habits That Destroy Saint/Minister Relationships

These items were suggested by Pastor Greg Davis. The original list. Was created by. A psychologist regarding disruptive influences within a family. Pastor Davis suggested that perhaps these are also reasons people can become disenfranchised with the ministry.

1. Disrespectful Judgments – talking down to people. Using names like Dumb, stupid, ignorant… Acting arrogant and tearing down others efforts, actions, or abilities. “You are the worst….”

2. Angry Outbursts – Unloading your frustrated feelings may make you feel better, but is a poor representation of self-control.

3. Independent Behaviors – Having cavalier actions that “change” the rules half the time. Folks walk on eggshells because they don’t know how you are going to act. One day you act like the Pastor, and the following week you could care less about them.

4. Annoying Behavior – People will put up with a number of idiosyncrasies, but when it starts to consistently annoy them – it creates wedges. Specifically doing things that we know turn folks off.

5. Controlling Behaviors – micromanaging peoples lives. Never giving room to grow, mature, and make good decisions. Constantly, being critical to get conformity. Acting in tightly scripted ways. Nobody loves a tyrant and a dictator.

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