There Is A God

There is a God we want, and there is a God who is.
They are not the same.
The turning point of our lives is
when we stop seeking the God we want and start seeking the God who is. ~Patrick Morley

God’s Good Plan is:

  • An Adventure. His plan will end in good for you. This truth can offer security and hope despite the ups and downs of life. Let your life be your personal adventure with God.
  • A Process. We tend to like end results more than the process that gets us there. Like the Israelites, you have to experience the blows before you can experience the blessings.
  • An Opportunity. Try to profit from every experience that comes your way, the difficult and painful times as well as those times when life is going smoothly.
  • A Fact. His plan is an unshakable truth, which can give you a sense of security when life seems anything but secure. God is still on His throne and nothing can interfere with His plans. From our perspective, a situation may look hopeless, but from the throne of God, the situation is part of the process that is making you more Christlike and moving you closer to the fulfillment of the good plan God has for you.
  • Purging and Pruning. Before God’s plan can come to full fruition in your life, He must eliminate all that is old, dead, and useless in your character. The process can be painful but gives an opportunity to love God by trusting that He is at work in your life to bring about the beauty that He has promised.

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