The Table Is Set

Luke 14: 16-24

This great supper was marked by…

I. A Great Preparation, v. 16

The Gospel is the “good news” that the Lord has set the table with forgiveness, freedom, fullness, fellowship, and a future.

II. A Gracious Invitation, vss. 16 , 21- 23

This is a “whosoever” invitation.

III. A Grievous Rejection, vss. 18-20

Their trivial excuses minimized the master’s great expense and kindness and magnified their foolishness.

IV. A Glad Reception, v. 22

Thank God for the sweet testimonies of those who have come to the Table.

V. A Grave Declaration, v. 24

There is a final invitation. For them, this was God’s last call. The Table Is Set!

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