Passing The Tests Of Life

Genesis 41:37-43

One reason for the good hand of God upon Joseph was the fact that he passed the tests of life. Like Joseph, we face…

I. The Test Of Purity, Gen. 39:8. Joseph pursued purity, set parameters for purity, and made provision for purity.

II. The Test Of Pride, Gen. 41:16. Pride often manifests itself in unconfessed sin, an unteachable spirit, and an unyielded will.

III. The Test Of Priorities, Gen. 41:38. Even Pharaoh recognized that Joseph had the anointing of God upon him. He was the best son, shepherd, slave, servant, manager, and administrator he could be. He truly sought first the Kingdom of God.

IV. The Test Of Pardon, Gen. 45. Joseph demonstrated forgiveness for his brothers who had sought to kill him, abandoned him, selling him into slavery, and telling their father he had been killed by wild animals. Forgiveness is one of life’s most difficult tests.

V. The Test Of Perseverance, Gen. 50. Joseph lived faithfully for the Lord until he died at the age of one hundred and ten years old.

Conclusion: Are you passing the tests of life?

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