Where Are The Mighty Men?

David was able to find certain men in his fledgling kingdom that were “mighty men.” Men who rose above the norm; men who were not stamped out of weaker molds; men who despised mediocrity; men that were survivors; men that inspired other men. These “mighty men” David made captains over his troops.

In today’s world a David may be hard pressed to find such men but even though they be few and far between—we thank God for those men that are “mighty men” in our day. Brother _____________ is such a man.

When the cry is given today:

Where are the Mighty Men who are ready to make a strong declaration of loyalty to the King of Kings?

Where are the “Mighty Men” who are prepared to fight on behalf of the people of God?

Where are the “Mighty Men” who will stand guard, to the left and the right of their companions to provide protection and support?

Where are the “Mighty Men” who are alert and prepared to fight the enemy who is encountered in front of them as well as from behind?

Where are the “Mighty Men” men who come to the aid of other warriors who are being beaten down?

Where are the “Mighty Men” who refuse to take matters into their own hands, fully confident that the outcome will be according to God’s will and purpose, that “the battle is the Lord’s”?

Where are the “Mighty Men” who are prepared to break through enemy lines, and in the power of the Spirit, tap into Bethlehem’s well?

Where are the “Mighty Men” who will stand in the field and continue the fight even though there is none to stand with them?

Where are the “Mighty Men” who will do violence to take the Kingdom by force – not the violence of swords or guns, but tearing down the strongholds of the enemy by means of spiritual warfare?

I can point the searchers to my friend and fellow laborer in the gospel—Brother __________!

I pray that your name could fill the slot…

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