The Blood Applied

The blood was first shed in the outer court at the altar (repentance).
It was mingled with water at the golden laver (baptism)
It was carried with the high priest through to the inner court.
It was there with the candlestick, the altar of incense, and the shewbread.
It went with the priest as he pressed through the vail.
It entered the Holy of Holies.
It was sprinkled on the mercy seat.
It was accepted when the light of the shekinah glory appeared between the faces of the cherubims.

The blood was shed at repentance, used again at baptism, and was consumated when God accepted the sacrifice and witnessed it by His infilling and outflowing presence.

It starts with and ends with the blood . . . and it is not accepted until all has been done. One cannot stop short of the full plan for salvation.

by Dr. Fred Childs

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