When God Breaks His Contract

Numbers 14 records the rebellion of the Hebrews against the promise of God.

The Lord gave out his punishment. Everyone 20 and older would die in the wilderness with exception of Joshua and Caleb.

A statement the Lord said jumped out at me. “and ye shall know my breach of promise”

What makes God break his contract?

A mistake…. nope
Sin…. nope
Lack of talent… nope

People not believing Him…. yep.

The children of Israel partially believed. They saw the evidence of “a land flowing with milk and honey”. Partial obedience is not enough.

We need to be like Joshua and Caleb, confident in the call of God. If He called you to it – He’ll bring you through it!

Paul Giertz resides in Michigan, is an experienced pastor, and currently serves as the Sunday School President for the Michigan District UPCI.

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