Catholics Desire Pentecost

MIAMI HERALD – 2/6/2000

Headline:   “CATHOLIC CHURCH ADJUSTS, Leaders seek new members:”

I quote:
“Life for us has to change”

“In South Florida, Catholics continue to lose many Hispanics & Hatians to
the tamborine-thumping, foot-tapping, bear-hugging ferver of small
charismatic churches [including Pentecostals]”!!!

“Internationally, Protestant churches are gaining ground in Catholic
strongholds.   There has been a dramatic increase among Protestant
evangelicals AND PENTECOSTALS in Latin America.”

“In a Pentecostal church, I feel a connection with Christ and I am free to
worship to praise him and say ‘Hallelujah’ whenever I want….   It’s not a

“Nearly 12-13% of Latin Americans are now Protestant, a jump from just 4%
in 1960!”

“IF PENTECOSTALS CAN DO IT, WHY CAN’T WE?”   Asked by Rev. Menendez, pastor
of Corpus Christy Catholic Church.

The article goes on to describe   “Renew 2000” which will be going house to
house & teaching Bible Studies in the homes and doing door-knocking like
the Pentecostals…


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