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[22 Nov 2008 | No Comment | 576 views]

You are only free from your responsibility to reach the lost when you meet a man or woman for whom Christ did not die!

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The responsibility to reach the lost has never been more urgent!
The destiny of men and of nations is always being decided.   Every generation is strategic; but none more strategic to end time Apostolic revival than the present. We are not responsible for the past generation, and we cannot bear full responsibility for the next one; but we do have our generation. God will hold us responsible as to how well we fulfill our destiny in this age and by how completely we give ourselves to the task of evangelism. …

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[22 Nov 2008 | No Comment | 292 views]

Souls matter most to God … What matters most to His church as we face a new millennium?
One preacher told me “We had the best service last Sunday we have ever had in our church.”   I asked, “How many repented?” “How many were baptized in water?”   How many were filled with the Holy Ghost?”   To which he answered “None, it wasn’t that kind of a service.”   I have a feeling that what we call our best services and what God calls our best services are two …

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[22 Nov 2008 | No Comment | 484 views]

Jesus asked the question, “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and loose his own soul?”   With one short piercing question the Lord of the harvest reveals the worth of a soul to the church – One soul is worth more than all the world!   Stack up on one side of the balance all the wealth of the world – all of it’s gold and silver, all of it’s jewels and precious stones, stack up magnificent houses, automobiles, yachts and planes – and …

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[22 Nov 2008 | No Comment | 379 views]

By Jack Cunningham
When I was a teenager I went to work with Brother Billy Cole.   I told him that I wanted to be a preacher.   He told me to be ready, that during a Sunday night service he would introduce me to the church and announce my call to preach.
I prepared myself for the introduction by wearing my best suit and tie.   I memorized what I would say … I thought surely he would want me to say something since I am called to preach.
As was his …

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[22 Nov 2008 | No Comment | 346 views]

By Jared Arango
We stand at this juncture of time with an unceasing urgency to follow through with the mandate and purpose of the church — the saving of a soul.
We are at a cross road in time that is reminding and redefining the reason for existence of the redeemed on the earth — reaching the lost.
With the phasing out of the old millennium and anticipating a new one, there is an electrifying urgency that cannot be neglected “to go ye into all the world.”
The lateness of the hour press the …

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[22 Nov 2008 | No Comment | 293 views]

They were settled into a pattern of checklists, preparations, schedules and execution of duties.   As usual everything was perfect and the clock rolled on.   The team was jubilant and relaxed at their present and past successes.   They were part of an enormous project that involved thousands across America and around the world.   Then came the words from Apollo 13 that changed everything at control headquarters – “Houston, we have a problem.”
Everything was now different – No one could relax – Now, absolutely every man and every …